Only one child or not to make a will

Only one child or not to make a will? Only one child or not to make a will? Myth: many old people think that there is only one doll, the property is his, sooner or later, do not need to make a will. Lawyers said: Tao Jianying said that this concept may affect the inheritance of property. "Inheritance Law" Tenth stipulates that the inheritance in accordance with the following order: the first order: spouse, children, parents. The second order: brothers and sisters, grandparents, maternal grandparents. In other words, if the old man died before his father or mother, then only child’s grandfather, grandmother or grandfather, grandmother will participate in inheritance. Therefore, if the old man does not make a will in advance, for the only child, the inheritance should be inherited share will be reduced; for the elderly, the individual property can not be inherited according to their wishes. Will the elderly children do not agree with the effect? Myth: many old people have a kind of idea, if the child does not accept the will of the program, written wills also useless. Lawyers say: Tao Jianying believes that wills is the testator’s behavior to dispose of their personal property, as long as the will is the true meaning of their own representation, and the content of the legitimate and effective, the will is valid. A will does not require the consent of the heir. Whether or not the will of the will has nothing to do with whether the heir accepts the will. Sons and daughters will not be able to stand? Error: to the Old Testament Library consultation, a lot of people because of their children all over the country, it is difficult to cobble together, that will not stand. Lawyers say: Tao Jianying said, wills do not need children to attend, do not have to notify them in advance. In succession, however, all heirs shall be present. Of course, at the same time, if some heirs are limited by various factors can not personally come to the scene, you can also entrust others. For example, issued a power of attorney, commissioned a person on behalf of their own inheritance matters. Of course, this power of attorney should be notarized. Huaxi Dushi Bao reporter Wu Liufeng相关的主题文章: