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Palkor, quest hundred palace one hundred thousand Pagoda – the Sohu has time to visit the tourist is at noon, I thought that this time the temple not a lot of people, but what time the Tibetan temple will be less. Visit the one in the ancient city of Jiangzi street, which is the Sakya and Gelug, khadampa three sects coexist in the temple, in 1418 by the palkor king Ge Dan Gun San and the Panchen Lama co founded, has 600 years of history, into the long corridor on both sides of palkor, zhuangjingtong, two row on both sides of the road, the temple’s main building is the lecture hall and meeting pagoda, especially on the left front of the magnificent and magnificent pagoda, although I have been to many temples, but they had never seen such a solemn atmosphere of the pagoda, the tower is square, showing the roundabout twists and turns, in each tower are painted with exquisite patterns and the eyes of the Buddha, at the top of the pagoda is a circular Tasha, let people from looking under the blue sky and white clouds particularly eye-catching. When I was watching the Stupa, between several devout Tibetans hand zhuangjingtong from out of the hall, several old people shake their prayer to the pagoda went, so I first walked into the temple hall. The moment when I walked into the hall, could not help but be around in the tall Buddha on both sides of shock, each of these statues seem to have eight or nine meters, they look not angry and true to life, since Wei, plus a huge volume, so that the incoming people could not help but be shocked, visit the hall of the Buddha in addition to the bronze statue of clay, but they are larger than usual of the Buddha statue, but the style is not the same, this is because palkor three sects coexist belongs to reason, palkor was originally the Sakya temple, but later Kagyu and Gelugpa have entered the three faction from the chamber resistance to later peaceful coexistence, let Temple style both factions long, Tibet in the religious history also called for a miracle. The surprise is the main hall of the temple and the temple is to take photos, the price is only ten or twenty yuan, really cheap, the temple in the Buddha is used to record images down, this is a good opportunity not to be missed for the hobby of photography and art of Buddhist architecture of the people in the temple, because not only. There are many other not a Buddha, there are a lot of beautiful murals, it is said that these are rich patterns of Mandala fresco painting, is hidden behind the famous monk bouton master hand-painted, I think that is why palkor attract a lot of tourists. The unity of the three Temple is a typical Tibetan Buddhist Temple Temple with a tower, a tower temple, temple tower, temple and tower of the natural and the "one hundred thousand pagodas" Bodhi tower is a landmark building in the tower of the temple, the temple, Buddhist shrines, a total of one hundred thousand, so it is called "one hundred thousand pagoda" famous "auspicious than tower", the tower has nine floors, 32 meters high, because many statues were also known as the "Museum of buddha". I start from the bottom into the pagoda bypass, as if into a maze, every few steps is a temple temple, in the light of some faint]相关的主题文章: