Pan Jinlian and Feng Xiaogang be pestered beyond endurance

"Pan Jinlian" be pestered beyond endurance and Feng Xiaogang Bai Xiaolian, "I am not Pan Jinlian" to change the schedule. Although people are believed to be from a relatively good, easy to hand a good schedule to schedule a bad wolf left, but whether it is from the publicity or the director’s personal statement, there is a tragic way. Director Feng Xiaogang himself is said on various occasions, "which we will go to the cold schedule which file", but with his previous film every street has important news propaganda line. Tiaodang is not because of cuts, now it seems the truth probably only focused on the privilege in September 13th saw the people of the University Media preview field. According to people read the film response, did not mark the dragon with a special logo media university to prevent piracy, but it’s not like the media as the legend of "60 times," the need for a knife, after the release, the test is that a small number of testers of the memory and conscience, they say there is no. Is that there is No. The topic of film censorship, once a year to several times. But seeing ten years down, the audience has been domesticated good, since some worthless lively movies can sell two billion, to review the impact of iron has no meaning, narrow after ten years, can see the domestic film has been an only relative youth, full of relative bullshit but also very safe the costume fantasy film now. I believe that Feng Xiaogang is a complex mood for such a situation, he must look not on these do not know how the boy became famous, but in this "world", to do a "hero" is also a price to pay. This time I am not Pan Jinlian is a tentative step, but even so, he also paid the price. What exactly is this "Pan Jinlian"? Based on past experience, as long as the International Film Festival won the praise, to the domestic market will be how much the contrast and directed towards the award to (the current domestic market environment) to the movie is a box office itself in the Yangtze River and the Yellow River two on the road to their running one-way wonderful, plus Schrodinger Longbiao this variable, Feng Xiaogang and Yaolai Chupin most can only have a month’s time to operate, dredge and influence public opinion, when the confrontation Ang Lee and other enemies of large, round frame or twenty laps around the earth’s critics praised it, you really don’t know exactly what factors let the audience most willing to ticket wallet.相关的主题文章: