Photos golden week Yichang welcome 6 million 330 thousand visitors tour the village not heat

Photos: golden week Yichang welcome 6 million 330 thousand visitors tour the village not heat this year "eleven" golden week, weather, tourists travel enthusiasm, the city’s tourism market is booming trend. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Municipal Tourism Bureau, from October 1st to 7, the city a total of 6 million 335 thousand and 100 tourists, total tourism revenue of $4 billion 29 million, an increase of 17.72%, respectively, an increase of. The old scenic Redubujian new attractions bursting with popularity of traditional scenic potent and sustained hot. From the beginning of 3, the traditional tourist attractions have ushered in the highest peak. Qingjiang Gallery 3, 2009, -5 days of super large passenger flow to stop ticketing information, the Three Gorges Dam for 3 consecutive days to reach the maximum reception capacity of 40 thousand passengers, 3 days. In the leading scenic spots at the same time, many new A-level scenic spot has become the new value of Yichang tourism. Just accept 4A scenic evaluation Bailihuang, Qingjiang Fangshan, Golden Bay, Jiufeng valley scenic spots such as the improvement of the functions and elements and the increasing service increased dramatically during the festival, visitors become "chasing the new highlights, tourists are over a million people. Bailihuang tourists reached 26 thousand passengers in October 3rd. "4 eleven days before the golden week, Kim Bay area received 45 thousand and 700 visitors, Qingjiang mountain scenic area received 33 thousand and 400 passengers. Yuan’an County after more than a year meticulously reduction of rehabilitation of the Huizhou ancient buildings high security building, opened in October 1st ushered in the first peak of tourism, cultural tourism become a new symbol of yuanan. During the farmhouse bustling village tour powerful "eleven" golden week, my city in the autumn flowers, parent-child picking, characteristics of rural rural tourism is series of tourists, a large number of tourists in the countryside, rural tourism like a raging fire. The rural tourism market five Feng Xiang Li Zi Ping Cun, white flowers Yiping village, Changle Town, five peak town and other places are booming. 4 days ago, only Liziping tourists more than 2560 passengers, tourism revenue of more than 350 thousand yuan; Chaibuxi scenic river, and the surrounding white Yizhai, Huanglong Cave, along highway 351 farmhouse is bustling. As the origin of the world kiwifruit orchards in the fog to cross the river town, a boiling, kiwi fruit picking season attracted countless visitors leisure, a total of nearly 80 thousand tourists, the average price increase of 2 yuan. Zhijiang combined water garden features, wonderful ideas, launched the "moshanghua field" colorful pastoral tour, the "impression of Jinhu" water town style tour, "orange sea Daoxiang" leisure corridor tour and other specialty products promotional activities to attract a large number of tourists to leisure play, picking experience; Zigui Jinqiu Shizhu fragrant rice, Huaqiao shooting good scenery photography collection activity, attract tourists into the nature of Shengtianhu tea, taste the local cuisine taste. Rural tourism has become an important driving force to promote tourism economic growth. Night Yichang fashion week exceeded ten thousand in May this year, Yichang Jiaoyunjituan launched Yichang’s first tour products shipped · Yangtze River Cruise, by tourists and the public pursuit. At the end of September, the Xiling Gorge Scenic Area held on the three hole tour project, using sound, light, shadow and other multimedia technology, allowing visitors to experience the full range of Xiling gorge elegant beauty and profound cultural historical feelings. The launch tour products, great!相关的主题文章: