Qi Baishi, the master of Chinese painting, is also different from his character noiseware

Chinese painting master Qi Baishi is his word with Qi Baishi was born in a peasant family in Hunan Xiangtan, formerly known as Qi Chunzhi, Wei Qing, his teacher called him Qi Huang, alias Bai Shi, the students. He is a master of Chinese painting in twentieth Century, the world’s cultural celebrities. Former Beijing national art college professor, Honorary Professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, honorary president of Beijing art academy, China Artists Association chairman. The first session of the National People’s Congress, the central government in 1953 the Ministry of culture awarded the title of "people’s artist", in 1956 by the world peace council "1955 annual International Peace Prize" in 1963 by the World Peace Council elected the world cultural celebrities. Qi Baishi Qi Baishi not only insects (money) is a famous painter, his calligraphy style is also new, far more than the "artist" level. Qi Baishi’s calligraphy style can be divided into three road, one is the early two is regular script, seal, three line script. Qi Baishi (a) Chinese calligraphy antithetical couplet will read the past as long as calligraphy, is writing with a brush dipped in ink, Qi Baishi is no exception. He realized the importance of calligraphy, is selling paintings. He decided to learn in, Chinese painting requirements, not only is the ink Danqing other colors, we must write a good word, make a good, decent problem that postscripts, even with good seal. Qi Baishi studied poetry under a big effort, thanks to the Wang Xiangqi teacher teach, his seal is affected by the local small famous India humiliated stimulation, self energies, conscientiously study and copy of masters such as Zhao Zhiqian yinpu, has made the book of law is mainly according to ancient calligraphy skill. Qi Baishi (a) Qi Baishi He Shaoji early poetic couplet calligraphy, painting a gold farming style of calligraphy, but he is not the heart of the winter imitated paint with his book, but more turbo tune scribe taste the script, a full strength. Later he was influenced by Wu Changshuo cursive influence, opened up, with Italy, started freely, hand fork to take potential to tilt, zhuanzi thick luxuriant, full of strength. With a vivid metaphor, Qi Baishi’s words like a tall farmer, with a thick calloused hands, feet stained with mud, red faced, healthy, strong, and facial features and Neixiu, a smart man. His calligraphy put gas, childish and clumsy domineering combine very well. The characteristics of calligraphy and artistic achievements of Qi Baishi’s 1 pen, astringent spicy, very powerful Qi Baishi calligraphy, both his script, seal or script, there is a common point is Wan Haoqi, in the situation of the pen on the pen, pen pen and paper in the contrarian, they do see the potential in tart. 2, sincere words, charm strangeand cursive character of Qi Baishi’s basic framework of "kings" get rid of a beautiful, in the quiet side, Li Beihai Wu Changshuo and Zheng Banqiao, odd after escape with his writing, and personality, character often anti zuoyang right, opening. According to structure, character peculiar Tiancheng, sincere, do not turn. 3, the momentum of the heroic, unique style of Qi Baishi’s artistic spirit in his "first is really commendable". Under the insistence of "truth".相关的主题文章: