Rong a pregnant women to give birth typhoon night trapped 4 hours of heavy rain in the road smooth b

Rong a pregnant women to give birth typhoon night trapped 4 hours of heavy rain in the road smooth birth timely rescue, the safety of the mother. Fuzhou Daily reporter (micro-blog) September 29th news (reporter Ren Wen Siyan photo) winds showers. "Ring –" on the 28 day at 3:50 in the morning, Minhou Nantong County town of melon village Party branch secretary Pan Ping’s mobile phone rang. "Pan secretary, my wife, we drove several road barrier, just our car is still stuck in a puddle of water." The voice on the phone is full of anxiety. At this time, the typhoon "catfish" will be landing, Pan Ping and town work team stationed in the village of captain Lin Tianci braved the rain from door to door visits to the masses, to check whether there are security risks. Learned that the news, pan Ping asked the location of the mother, and Lin Tianci, who immediately rushed to the rescue. On the way out to rescue Pan Ping, while on the phone to the town report, while Nantong town hospital ambulance coordination, because too much rain, Guashancun village roads have been flooded, the ambulance could not pick up in the next village, had to wait for the ting Zhai village. In the melon mountain village beside the path, Pan Ping and Lin Tianci find help lying on the road is water, a car stuck in the roadside puddles, another private car has been rushed to the scene, the transfer will have pain and sweaty women to the car. "We’ve got 3 roads, we can’t get through!" The mother’s husband Wang Xujian very anxious, from 27 23 am to 28 am wife abdominal pain close to 4 points, one family are on the road to a dangerous situation, so they can not see the road ahead, originally a small village, took more than 4 hours is not going out, looked increasingly frail wife, he knows the longer, the risk is bigger. "You don’t worry, I also know that a very narrow road to the village, is the vegetable field next to the path in front of you, show me the way to." Pan Ping comforted Wang Xujian a few words, he drove in front to lead the way. 2 cars in the village of seven to eight rpm, came to a less than 3 meters wide on the road tractor road, already disappeared in the water, Pan Ping had to drive carefully in accordance with memory. "It is too slow, I get off to you Pathfinder, we can hurry up." Lin Tianci opened the door and got off the bus. The wind is more urgent, more fierce rain, water is not the rain on the face of the calf, take pain, blinded eyes, a forest in spite of these, he used an umbrella handle Pathfinder, by car lights along the road, the road branches are sometimes tripped a reel, followed by two cars. It is necessary to see the ting Zhai village, a pedestrian was a fallen trees blocking the road, Lin Tianci and Pan Ping immediately took out tools will cut the tree with a rope to pull the tree. From Guashancun to Ting Zhai Cun is less than 3 kilometers of this section of the road, "escort" took nearly 1 hours. The ting Zhai village, already waiting at the entrance of the medical staff to the maternal help the car, sent to a caesarean section of the South Island Hospital production conditions. 6 in the morning, the mother was sent to the hospital delivery room. 6:43, successfully gave birth to a baby boy, mother and child safe. Yesterday morning, the reporter went to the South相关的主题文章: