Sotheby’s Hongkong auction Juchui to watch Patek Philippe film

Sotheby’s Hongkong auction Juchui to watch Patek Philippe on Hongkong in November 28th Sotheby’s present "precious timepiece" auction, for new and experienced collectors collecting a variety of watches, including the classic single, modern and antique watches, watch and clock, etc. a total of more than 150 auction, the total valuation of more than HK $10 million 700 thousand $1 million 370 thousand. Sotheby’s Asia Watch director Jiang Peiyun said: "the auction market to bring both collectors and characteristics of treasures, and presents new valuation for watch models, is a rewarding experience of. We have different style single watches this season, will let you find the perfect gift for collectors good heart, and on the eve of the festival to find relatives and friends." The focus of the auction, Patek Philippe classic watch, automatic timepiece with enamel dial type 5077P-056 "phoenix" exquisite rare platinum, original unopened, machine No. 5532071, case No. 4512517, about 2011 years. Valuation: Dial minimalist design of HK $700 thousand to HK $900 thousand $90500 to $116 thousand this type, phoenix pattern with quaint and dignified, Chinese traditional aesthetics. Patek Philippe will be the West’s top watchmaking culture blend in the China and Yingying confusion between the wonderful cultural arts and crafts embody the spirit of. Lange, "Lange 1 Tourbillon" exquisite rare limited edition platinum Tourbillon preparation, date and power reserve number 125150, about 2003 years. Valuation: HK $600 thousand to HK $800 thousand to $104 thousand in 2000 77500 Lange launch Lange 1 Homage to F. A. Lange special edition "tourbillon, as history’s first with tourbillon watch, which more particularly stated" made in Germany ", equipped with patented large calendar display, double box, gossamer clockwork 3 day power storage and progressive power storage display. This limited edition watch was discontinued in 2003, including 250 gold and 150 platinum and gold pink version of this product for No. 125150 platinum watch, so precious masterpiece, will attract collectors in the world. Modern watch Panerai, PAM00578 type "Lo Scienziato Luminor 1950 Tourbillon GMT" special edition rare titanium pillow shaped hollow Tourbillon watch by two time and 6 days storage power day and night, number 014150 Valuation: 700 thousand to HK $900 thousand in 90500 to $116 thousand this limited edition 150 models, introduced direct metal laser sintering technology (DMLS) production case, fiber laser instrument to create layer case, the layer is connected. This product is more equipped with相关的主题文章: