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"Sparrow" four male characters   loggerheads in human battle — entertainment channel, Chen Shen: love the brave warrior and forbear with a sense of the Chen deep surface such as a dandy, cynical, but lead a fast appearance hides the real identity of the Chinese Communist Party agents. Has a firm belief, only the motherland and faith to live up to the ". When he was faced with both for on-line and relatives of the "prime minister" was arrested, only to rescue, even will reveal their identity, and thus began the whole story. "Prime minister" and ultimately choose his safety cover and make deeper lurking at the expense of the cruel struggle, let him understand the reality more clearly is on a mission, but everything is only deep in my heart, including love. Only faith and mission be his motivation to continue to charge, and lead him to escape Bi Zhongliang Tang Shanhai, temptations, alliance showdown Jiangsu provinces, with different characters and life and death, let this walk in the front of the tip of the enemy revolutionaries inside tolerance and adhere to the audience vividly. Bi Zhongliang: good or evil is dark life Bi Zhongliang is a cunning fox, all deep, hidden, often set a trap and try to dig the action to deal with the conspiracy and exclusive undercover. For Chen Shen, although the help of kindness with brothers, but the heart has never ceased to doubt. A "small chilao" like the big brother of the younger brother of the eldest child, and the moment eyes instantly hesitate to pull two people from the opposite side of the brothers. Different from the traditional big traitor Spy Drama "pure evil" of Bi Zhongliang, Mrs. Liu Lanzhi is loved, considerate, family family before he is a good character, his evil is in front of major issues issues of right and wrong did not choose on their own position. This dark life reality and three-dimensional interpretation, can feel the role. Tangshan sea: don’t forget the mission feeling Tangshan sea animal handsome, graceful bearing, in the "defection" latent process, a strategy in the face with a shrewd, but different Chen deep undercover camp, cooperate with each other and secretly contest. But emotionally, he is foolish and clumsy. In order to complete the task by Liu beauty of his feelings, until Mina died in his arms, deep in the eyes of the forced tears, love their woman is guilty confession or love, it is difficult to distinguish; to love is a direct expression of Xu "and choose quietly back, his stake don’t forget the mission to her hand to Chen deep, all about love and pain seems to be in an instant release, eliminate…… Sue: Three Province doomed life devil Jiangsu provinces treachery defected hand puppet, destroying the compatriots juntong ShangHai Railway Station, and Bi Zhongliang is his introverted, insidious publicity, biting at all means for the interests of the abuse of mischief combatively, between lips cold makes people shiver all over though not cold. But he also has a murderous devoid of humanity, in his sister and love in front of Li Xiaonan, always second innocent boy. This charmingly naive, in contrast to its relentless metamorphosis, but not cold and cruel nature change, eventually sinking. "Sparrow" four men are like four different cards, battle life is not the same in each Yong indicates).相关的主题文章: