Subway station overnight electric vehicles stolen police Dundian arrests at frequency 3344111

Subway station "overnight" electric vehicles stolen police Dundian arrests at frequency around the subway station is a bicycle and electric bicycle theft in lots of preferred positions is the thief". Recently, Hangzhou police station received poplar several police cars stolen, stolen locations are concentrated in the vicinity of the sea road subway station. Here there is a blind area monitoring, detection is difficult, the thief is often easy to succeed and not easy to catch." To suppress the theft of arrogance, the fight against illegal and criminal acts, the criminal investigation squadron in poplar around the subway station to carry out overtime squat action. The deputy director of the Chen Tianhang arrangements, Dunshou players were divided into three groups, a group led by him, to carry out monitoring in the police station to find the target tracking, and the other two groups by the police led Mao Xuheng, squatting in the vicinity of Wenhai South Road subway station. October 31st at 1 pm, the video group found a man look around in the monitoring, "so late, there are problems!" Suspicious, immediately notify Chen Tianhang squatting in the vicinity of the undercover team, and told the man’s range. After receiving the instruction, Mao Xuheng immediately led the undercover team started tracking the man, found that it came to the electric car parked, very skillfully pry open the electric lock, then the stolen car moved to the outside. Succeed, the man did not leave, but turned back to the parking place, want to steal a car. This time, before the car pushed away, Mao Xuheng led the players rushed up, in the face of the police suddenly appeared, suspects Lee unable to deny, truthful account of the facts of the crime of theft of electric vehicles. Currently, Lee has been dispatched according to the law of criminal detention aspen.相关的主题文章: