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"Task" is known throughout the audience praised by high energy dry cargo – Sohu won the praise of "entertainment" energy cannon "Sohu entertainment by the Jiangsu straw bear Film Company Limited, Zhejiang Dongyang earthquake of the television culture Co., Ltd. jointly produced, cattle static screenwriter, famous film and television actor Zheng Yu directed, and together with Zihan Chen, Yin Zhusheng, Xin June, Wei Chunguang, Lv Zhong, Du source of three generations of the strength of the actors were co starred in the TV series" mission impossible "is Jiangsu TV prime time broadcast fiery. Since the show began broadcasting, the way to the ratings break 1 premiere, stride forward singing militant songs, and continued to maintain the 35 city and 52 city network program first, rolling time plays. While viewing all the way at the same time, the drama in the mouth also continue to praise from the audience and the favorable reputation. The ratings and reputation soar "task" won the praise of "high energy cannon" as a "war drama king" Zheng Yu’s first director for the "mission impossible" brings together Zihan Chen, Lv Zhong, Feng Yuanzheng, Yin Zhusheng and many other powerful actors and drama of bone, plus the play in the play on several challenges "creation may, to a rescue mission Arabian Nights as main story, strong drama enclosed space concept, it has been aired before its innovation and the strength of the lineup for audience attention. Since landing Jiangsu TV prime time broadcast, "mission impossible" ratings on the eye-catching performance, 35 city and 52 city at first viewing both football into the bag, continue to sit tight in the ratings champion. But in the ratings hot at the same time, spoke highly of the drama reputation also gain the audience and the industry, some netizens said, "" mission impossible "quickly, directly to the point, not a bit slow, a few years have seen no urine point tv." He also praised the plot of high iron drama critic, "" mission impossible "began to enter the white hot, and then never ice, all are hot action scenes and high-energy continuous story, very long, but the structure is very compact, around the body add the story of potential agents to core. Continuously staged wits, and is the excitement of a hail of bullets like a roller coaster, and it can create the coming stormin’s murderous aspect, all are called the dry cargo, high-energy cannon war drama." Vivid characters Zheng Yu "one of three" in addition to depict a "mission impossible" to create a sense of urgency and tension, let the audience refer to fun, play in the figure above the same classic. Zheng Yu played Yin three is one of the highlights. The three Yin has three identity, both Jiangcheng Freemason leader, or Japanese the security team captain, is an underground party members. Three distinct identity, also manifested in three different states, famous comment published an article called "flying clouds, three identities of three states, both wise and calm temperament, a side with a glib tongue, more sophisticated. Zheng Yu seemed at ease in the shape of the "little people", but also a true, every detail be just perfect." .相关的主题文章: