The development of characteristic agriculture industry in Qimen leads the poor households to get rid

Qimen County, the development of characteristic agriculture industry to drive the poor households out of poverty — Anhui — channel according to the Mount Huangshan government network news, this year, Qimen County, according to the current situation of the development of county economy and the actual development of the impoverished village, actively raise funds to increase industry support efforts to improve the poor ability of self-development, in order to realize the agricultural characteristic industry to help the poor the object of income poverty. Wang Qimen County village Diaogua planting project is one of this year’s industrial poverty alleviation projects in the village, came to the base to see, a vine covered with melon is ripe for the picking. The village through cooperatives + poor households "model, Jiang Degen established the Shunde guide farmers Trichosanthes farmer cooperatives, development of Diaogua specialized planting, drive around the poor households out of poverty. "At the end of October can be harvested, the cooperatives bring poor households 10 households, this year in my base workers, there are more than 2000 yuan per household income, I think the final idea is driven by poor households planted together, per acre to 4000 yuan of income." Planting success this year, so that Jiang Degen led poor households out of confidence. The village is 10 Qimen county poverty this year out of one of the village, the village committee to implement the 70 acres, 50 acres of the a.manihot Diaogua industrial poverty alleviation projects, can increase the village collective income of 40 thousand yuan, but also led to the 20 poor households income poverty. Qimen County Bai Xi Xiang Xi Rong Cun, according to local conditions to implement the goat breeding project, Jiang Maoquan led the villagers to support farming, to increase their income by giving priority to organization in the village of poor households or workers with breeding goats. At present, has been breeding Boer goats, sheep 110 bulls, the end can slaughter sale. "We asked 20 breeding base of poor households to migrant workers, mainly cut mowing, clear sheep live, an annual income of 3500 yuan. The next step, they intend to guide the development of goat breeding, we provide technical guidance, after raising a unified recycling sales." Jiang Maoquan introduced road. This year, Qimen county will get rid of poverty as the biggest political task and the first livelihood project task, adhere to the impoverished village industrial development, increase income and poor households to improve living conditions in poor areas as the focus, strengthen project support, adhere to the "one village, one policy, one village one product, a village", set the screen poverty alleviation funds projects 65, invested 11 million 390 thousand yuan, respectively, a.manihot, development of Yangmei, chicken and other special industries focus, through the "village collective and poor households", "company + cooperatives + poor households, poor households" model, to benefit the poor 1903 people. Hu Wei?? (commissioning editor Guo Yu and Ma Lingling)相关的主题文章: