The director said tomorrow will also is the edge of the 2 sequel Prequel

The director said "tomorrow" will also is the edge of the 2 sequel prequel [Abstract] Doug · Riemann’s day comes before the "edge of tomorrow" reason decided to shoot a sequel, because it is both a sequel and a prequel". Doug Freeman and Tom · · Cruise in the "edge of tomorrow" on time according to the network October 29th reported earlier this year, the acclaimed "edge of tomorrow" sequel by Warner lifting schedule, Doug · Riemann will continue to "2" directed edge of tomorrow, the replacement for the "drama series" the life Pentium two writers Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse. Recently the director in an interview with Collider about the direction of the story of the sequel, says it will "is the sequel and prequel". Doug · Freeman said: "this is what I want to do only the first sequel to the movie, because the story is wonderful, even more than the first, and I really love the first play, the second is that this movie is a sequel and a prequel." "Edge of tomorrow" at the end of this story was originally parked in the first place, according to the director said "is the sequel and prequel", which seems to imply that we will see this story on the same day in different ways on or we will go back to the beginning of the story earlier before…… Of course, it’s all just speculation. Once as "the Bourne 5" producer Doug · Riemann has a very unique view on the sequel to the movie, he thinks "out of the ordinary" is very important, before he would break the sequel set not in the original story line is the practice, and the play is in line with his request, he believes that the sequel will work it may change the way people make "sequel". The sci-fi blockbuster "edge of tomorrow" was released in 2014, a budget of $178 million in exchange for $370 million at the global box office, business is not particularly successful, but the film good reputation. The film according to Japanese novelist Sakura Osaka Yang light novel, Christof · Christopher McQuarrie ("mission impossible 5: mysterious country" (Butterworth ·) Drizzy; "007 party": Ghost) and John Butterworth (Henry · "fair game") as a screenwriter. The sequel will fully use the original script, so for two female screenwriter pressure is not small. Currently Tom · Cruise to confirm starring, ·,; whether or not the return of Blount is not sure.相关的主题文章: