The establishment of the Xiamen team to participate in multi story behind the moving obstacles candle june

The establishment of the Xiamen team to participate in many people moving story behind the wrecker Huli District establishment working team in the wrecker work, the story behind the people touched by the morning news reporter Wu Yuhao correspondent Hong Zhonghua even day, Huli District establishment team consisting of troops, community cadres, front-line inspectors, all kinds of professional team and volunteers with residents the team involved in the wrecker. As of yesterday morning, Huli District, a total of 1530 soldiers, 40 thousand and 400 passengers, 22 thousand and 400 passengers street community cadres professional rescue team, construction team of more than 1300 cadres, nearly 1000 people and more local residents into the post disaster restoration and reconstruction work. How do they work for a few days? Morning news reporters take you into them, understand the story behind. In the heart of the community, three days did not go home a wave character: position: Director Dianqian Koyama street community neighborhood branch secretary, said: see the fallen trees, distressed; residents know peace, steadfast; see you touched reconstruction! In front of the garbage is being cleaned, wait a moment Oh, thank you understand!" In second days of typhoon, Dianqian Street mountain apartment garbage has time to clean up is to pile up like a mountain hand, community branch secretary Zhang Shuibo, see the garbage truck drivers blocked roads, hastened to explain. Before the typhoon, Zhang Shuibo in the unit to live, three days have no time to go home to see. Zhang Shuibo said, after the typhoon landed, he walked out of the office door to see the tree community, a large area of lodging, residents of the home front is very distressed, but that area residents are safe, his heart will ease. Slippers, shorts, cheeks beard…… "Secretary, how do you become so, black and thin." Kamiyama community residents told reporters, usually dressed in a neat secretary, tired in recent days, so that the Secretary changed appearance. After the disaster, many community residents take the initiative to participate, together with us to rebuild their homes, let my heart very touched." Zhang Shuibo said. Passepartout, his hard relief figures: position: John Shen Temple Street comprehensive emergency commando class monitor speech: the lead, the car can go, people can also feel gratified, then hard heart. On the afternoon of 16 4 points in front of a road, Shen John and his more than 40 players are cleaning up the block road branch. In front of a road is a key channel to connect Xinglin bridge out of the island, after the open out of the island can greatly ease the traffic pressure. Two days, the fastest speed in front of the Temple Street comprehensive commando, has cleared the Xing Hu Road, long shore road, Changle Road Main Street road. Shen Baosen said that the team’s clothes were cut branches, hands scratched by the branches, walking on foot to break the skin, are still holding on. "When you look back on the road, found that the road through, the car can go, people can live, and then hard to feel relieved." Shen Baosen said. (Haixi morning news (micro-blog)) >相关的主题文章: