The history of the whole pear effect, pear big check lung heat vidalia

The history of the whole pear effect, pear big check lung hot autumn fruit basket, is the most varieties of pear. Pear, yellow green brown pear, pear blushes…… Different varieties of pears with their own unique flavor than a high level. Associate professor of forestry and Pomology Beijing Academy of agriculture and Forestry Research Institute Liu Jun, for their comments on future generations. The greasy refreshing pear. Pear fruit obovate, at the top of a duck shaped bulge. General pear peel is yellow green, pale yellow after storage. Bagging fruit yellowish white, also known as crystal or crystal pear pear. Pear sugar is low, sweet and refreshing, it must choose yes oily solution. Hebei, Botou, Yangxin, the most famous of the. Snow pear big check lung heat. Pear yellow green, fruit surface is rough, waxy skin. Common pear in the market, it is the largest, each weighing 350 – 400 grams. Its flesh crisp, juicy and sweet, in Hebei, Zhaoxian County produced the most famous. Snow pear has high medical value, with a pure heart and lungs, convenient, cough Runzao, detoxification. The flesh is crisp pear. Pear (also called pear) sweet slightly fragrant, crisp and juicy flesh. The pear fruit is nearly cylindrical, peel green yellow, pale yellow after storage, fruit bagging yellow white. The best quality produced in Xinjiang and Shanxi. Pear sweet. Name of Korla pear pear, fruit small, fusiform or obovate. Pericarp yellow green, adret flush, thin peel. This kind of pear crisp high sugar, no residue, concentrated flavor. South pear fruit, soft taste when the most concentrated. Nanguo Pear peel is small, greenish yellow face flush. Fresh crisp sweet and sour, if at room temperature for 15 days, the meat will become soft and easy to dissolve in the mouth, the juice of Trinidad and Tobago, special rich flavor. Produced in Liaoning, Anshan, Liaoyang and other places to produce the most famous. Sweet and sour apple pear. Also called Huang Guanli, the skin was deep yellow, bagged fruit was pale yellow, like the appearance of yellow banana apple flesh crisp, juicy, sweet and sour taste, aroma. The most sweet pear. Pericarp yellow brown, bagging golden yellow. The flesh is tender and juicy, sweet taste. Its storage time is the shortest, room temperature can only be placed about 10 days. Yantai pear juice. Yantai pear name 59 fragrant, peel green yellow. Fruit for a long time and become soft, less juice, sweet and sour flavor, suitable for the elderly and children to eat, storage. The most delicate fleshy pear. Pear is referred to as importing pear varieties, specific and subdivided into green pear, red pear, California pear etc.. Pear is the general characteristics of fruit softening after the best taste, delicate soft, sweet and juicy, very small stone. Fruit is a gourd shaped or gourd shaped, color variety. Which California is the most sweet pear varieties in pear. Sour pear most acid, the meat is the most coarse. Sour pear pear name, green skin, long storage time, pericarp brown. The thick and hard ripening soft, juicy, sweet and sour flavor and refreshing aroma, extremely resistant to storage and transportation. Liu Jun remind, Nanguo pear, Yantai pear and pear, the best placed at room temperature for several days, until the fruit softened when you eat. And like pears and other varieties of pear and pear, put soft quality decline, should take advantage of fresh food. * (Wu Jia) ( life times)相关的主题文章: