The latest appointment Teng Hongwei Ren Chongqing municipal Party Secretary of Yongchuan

The latest appointment: Teng Hongwei Ren Chongqing municipal Party Secretary of Yongchuan Teng Hongwei. Hualong network September 27th news (reporter Zhu Ke) today at 11:18 (27), the reporter from the 71 network was informed that the Chongqing municipal Party committee decided to adjust the Yongchuan district leaders, bear snow comrades no longer serve as the Chongqing Municipal Committee, Yongchuan party secretary, standing committee member, and another appointment. Teng Hongwei was appointed secretary of the CPC Chongqing Municipal Committee, Yongchuan District committee. Comrade Teng Hongwei Teng Hongwei, male, Han nationality, Anhui Ying, born in August 1964, in July 1986 May 1985 to join the Communist Party, China, graduate, doctor of engineering. The Chongqing city Yongchuan district Party committee secretary. 1982.09 – 1986.07 Chongqing Jiaotong College Department of bridge structure of professional learning, deputy director of the Chongqing municipal highway 1998.07, highway 1997.08 in Chongqing City, received bachelor’s degree 1986.07 – 1990.08 Chongqing Jiaotong College faculty structure 1990.08 — Investigation of bridge design and Research Institute deputy chief engineer, director of room 1997.08 — Investigation Design and Research Institute vice president, chief engineer of the 1998.07 — comprehensive 2000.07 Chongqing city traffic bureau deputy director of the Department of 2000.07 – 2000.12 of the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Commission deputy director of the Department of comprehensive plan of 2000.12 — 2003.06 Chongqing city traffic committee director of the comprehensive plan (2000.02 – 2002.06 Chongqing University College of resources and environment of mining engineering professional learning, received a master’s degree in engineering; 2002.01 – 2002.12 Chongqing municipal Party school training the class of Young Cadres Learning) 2003.06 – 2009.03, deputy director of Chongqing Municipal Committee of the Party committee (during the period: 2006.03 – 2006.09 of the Central Party school youth class fifth; 2005.03 – 2008.12 Chongqing University safety technology and engineering study, Ph.D., senior engineer, 2006.07) 2009.03 – 2014.02 of the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Commission Director, deputy secretary of the Party committee 2014.02 – 2016.09 Chongqing city traffic committee director, Party Secretary of the 2016.09 — Chongqing city Yongchuan District Secretary of the party’s eighteen representatives, four representatives of Congress, four session of the Municipal Committee, municipal people’s Congress three相关的主题文章: