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"The Legendary Swordsman": Song Dandan Guo Degang is expected to have PK– apprentice Culture — original title: Song Dandan Guo Degang is expected to have Apprentice PK – "lightning Li Jing, siblings Bruce Lee – Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan – Dino (in)" The Legendary Swordsman "national top six released Sunday, Oriental TV" The Legendary Swordsman "the third quarter of October 2nd (Sunday) will be Oriental TV ushered in the last game of the semi-finals. Funny elf "Guan Sihui, Liu Ji and Zhang Hanwen" ice cross talk "and" lightning siblings "Li Jing and Bruce Lee," amazing wire "music theater and" clown siblings ", Sun Xinbo, Shen Yang Yu Qinnan Meizhi five group of players will compete for a total of fourth tickets for the finals. Before the two season of "The Legendary Swordsman", every time the finals are only five players of PK, namely four semi-finals and championship semi-finals every single game second in the resurrection of. This season to make the finals of the competition is more intense, the program group made a small adjustment: every second heats the resurrection of players to two groups. As a result, has a high popularity but lost to the "theater" King Zhou Yunpeng, "the world dance king Dino, and in the semi-finals by Song Dandan directly as disciples of the" wonderful goddess "will have hope to qualify for the final o-po. And in the finalists have been identified in the players, Guo Degang apprentice Zhang Helun, impressively in the column of the column in the list of players in the game, the students were selected in the final column in the column, the column of the students in the final selection of the. That is to say, Song Dandan Guo Degang is expected to apprentice, apprentice intercoursed PK, "The Legendary Swordsman" is expected to appear for the first time observers apprentice competition, really exciting. In addition to successfully get final ticket of Zhang Helun, Lang Heyan, Guo Degang in the semi-finals of "the wire" many. This Sunday in the semi-finals, Guo Degang has a "son" identity "the Bard comic" Liu Ji, needless to say, "funny elves" Sihui at the scene also called Guo Degang "man of God, also proposed to help Guo Degang recorded" strange up audio requirements ". But Guo Degang has said the diehard powder "Music Drama Workshop", once again staged a large creative comedy show with Guo Degang and Yu Qian as the protagonist, and claims 3/4 of the money spent on making more than 300 props. It is worth mentioning that, in this round of the semi-finals, "lightning siblings Li Jing, Bruce Lee is undoubtedly the most" plain ". No special multi stage experience, even the combination is to improvise, but with a passion for comedy, they are expected to become the biggest dark horse. Scene, the younger brother Bruce Lee bluntly, in order to polish the script in order to write a lot of private sister back. Song Dandan listened to the deep feeling, as an old piece of actor I really think it is not easy, there are characters with the plot, these are very expensive." And always take the high cold style of Feng Xiaogang this is also rare praising "actually I have been opening, with a critical eye to see, but I feel really good, really have their own style." (reporter Ceng Le) (Chen Yuan Shiyao, commissioning editor: soup)相关的主题文章: