The student was beaten by the children outside the female teacher fan perpetrators 5 slap winavi video converter

The students were beaten child class female teacher fan perpetrators 5 slap his class by class bully, teacher to beat students ablaze with anger in the class, the rest of the class, the students hit angry fan 5 a slap in the face. Later, a student’s parents are very angry, several times came to the school to discuss that, beating the teacher or a public apology for the meeting in the school, or a slap in the face for ten thousand dollars in compensation. Hit the female teacher was too much pressure lost contact refused to appear. This is November 17th in the east of private schools in the school scene zhaohui. Reporters learned yesterday, the beating teacher has been beaten students and parents apologize. In the face of the students in the face of the students slapped the teacher hit the students in the morning of November 17th class break time. Beating the teacher is a grade 7 Dongcheng school (8) class Zhaohui female teacher and English teacher chen. The students were beaten in the school 7 grade (5) class of students. It is understood that on the morning of 8, is the course of Hugh, Chen took his class to Xiaobin ablaze with anger in Grade 7 (5) class. At that time, (5) most of the students in the class in the classroom, and no other teachers present. In a small bin identified under the small and far Chen came and asked him if he knew Xiaobin, small shook his head, then to the small Chen far left cheek slap. Then, Chen teacher asked little far know far small Xiaobin, shook his head, Chen and other small fan to far a slap in the face. Finally, Chen asked why small small small bin, far still shook his head, has been very angry Chen, to the far left and then even small fan three a slap in the face. Before leaving, Chen also let his class Xiaobin continue to play a small far two face, then led Xiaobin back to the classroom. See their classmates were beaten, 7 grade (5) class of the class immediately ran out of the classroom, notify the (class) of the teacher in charge of the class, (5) the class teacher in charge of the teacher immediately reported the situation to the school in the school, the teacher in charge of the class, the teacher in charge of the class (5). Because his class is made according to the school principal said Zhou Zhaohui East, first to be clear, Chen face when many students’ fan 5 a slap in the face, is a serious wrongdoing, the teacher at any time should not be the corporal punishment student, school is resolutely opposed. As for why Chen will take the students rushed to other classes to play the students, the reason is that their classmates were beaten. It is understood that the 7 grade (8) class Xiaobin (5) and grade 7 students are boarders far small. In November 15th, small to Xiaobin class to find the familiar classmates to get something, and meantime Xiaobin had some quarrel, but there is no physical conflict. In the evening, a small far ran to the small bin where the dormitory, fan small bin a few slap in the face, little bin did not resist, also did not tell the teacher. Where to know, second days in the evening, the small distance once again came to the small bin dormitory, and fan him a few ears. Xiao bin, a classmate said, when the small is directly to the small bin in bed, direct Shan Xiaobin slap in the face. Because the fan strength is not heavy, and did not leave fingerprints on the small face what mr.. But in November 17.相关的主题文章: