Trump’s policy memorandum memorandum of understanding or withdrawal from the North American Free Tra agogoktv

The Trump administration policy memorandum of exposure or withdrawal from the North American "shocking" published speech repeatedly FTA President Trump during the campaign, many people think that this is only "election language". From the latest news, Trump may want to play hardball in the field of trade. CNN (CNN) 15, a disclosure of its called Trump, the first two hundred days of the policy memorandum, he intends to take office as soon as he began to withdraw from the North American Free Trade agreement. According to Xinhua news agency, "200 day plan" is an internal discussion CNN said it received a memo drafted by the Trump transition team, depict the outline of trade policy 200 days before President Trump, including 5 key tasks: one is to exit or re negotiate the "North American Free Trade Agreement" (NAFTA) two, is to prevent the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP), the three is to prevent "imported" unfair, four is the end of "unfair trade management", the five is to seek bilateral trade agreements. The ultimate goal is to allow manufacturing jobs back to the United states. According to the memo, Trump took office on the first day of the Ministry of Commerce and the International Trade Commission will be ordered to withdraw from the North American Free Trade Agreement and the details of the relevant legislative issues. At the same time, he will appoint the trade representative to Canada and Mexico, the United States passed want to modify the FTA will involve currency controls, timber trade, country of origin and identification of environmental and safety standards. After 200 days in office, Mr Trump may consider moving out of the North American Free Trade Agreement, seeking to reach bilateral trade agreements with Canada and mexico. In addition, Trump will also be ordered to investigate the existence of unfair competition in the United States trade partners to consider food trade security and cross-border mergers and acquisitions. It is worth mentioning that the incumbent president Obama not to seek Congress through the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement", the democratic and Republican members also held a negative attitude towards the "agreement", this "agreement" is actually "aborted". The memo said, from the "North American Free Trade Agreement" will produce a series of negative consequences, but if the United States and Canada, Mexico bilateral trade agreements can be reached smoothly, will offset the negative impact. Trump has been awarded in the election comment, because the North American Free Trade Area and many under the condition of globalization and trade activities, many countries from the United States to "steal" a lot of jobs, serious damage to the interests of American workers. There is still a wide range of economic globalization and trade liberalization within the Republican and democratic parties. According to the memorandum statement, the Trump administration and the bipartisan support of the forces of globalization will subvert the American trade policy part company each going his own way, for decades. However, the memo also mentioned that the 200 day plan is still in the internal discussion stage, in January next year, Trump may be revised before taking office. Former mayor of New York or as secretary of state Trump transition team, a member of the 14 to the media revealed that the former mayor of New York, Giuliani is the most preferred Secretary of state for the United States, Mr. The name of the transition team members who do not want to be outspoken, Giuliani no competitors, as long as he nodded, this position is his. Another anonymous insider cautious table.相关的主题文章: