UK Championship analysis Ji Ling’s home court wins promotion Luton – Sohu

UK Championship analysis: Ji Ling’s home court wins Luton – Sohu Beijing August 31, 2016 morning promotion 02:302016-2017 tournament in the first round tournament to start the race, one by Ji Ling, in the home court against Luton town. Although the condition is very stable, but from the strength of the analysis, in the football league, Jiling middle position, facing the league, winning spirit and ability, kyrgyzstan. The team looks: Ji Ling, in the upstream of the strength in the football league, last season zhanba 46 harvest 19 wins 12 flat 15 negative product 46 points ranked ninth in the League record, but the team this season to play, continue to maintain the stability of the new season zhanba 5 harvest 3 wins 1 flat 1 negative record. But, Ji Ling has a very good offensive ability. But on the defensive side is very bad, nearly 3 games lost the ball, and the team’s ability to fight at home is not good in 6. But the game face strength lower Luton, Ji Ling, still have a chance of winning. Loudon is in the middle of the strength in the football league, last season zhanba 46 harvest 19 wins 9 flat 18 negative product 66 points ranked eleventh in the League record, and to the team this season, the state has a significant increase, while the last round of the game Loudon 3-0 defeat away sword bridged. The team in offensive or defensive aspects are ideal, and the team at the ability is also very good, the game face Kyrgyzstan league team still has the ability to fight against the 179. Analysis of the ball for handicap: the strength of the two teams is very large, the game day out 1.80-3.75-4.20 group will be able to see the gap between the two teams, the two teams by injection, the main victory rate continues to decline, the Gambling company is optimistic about the home team can easily win. It is not difficult to see, although the home court in Ji Ling combat ability is poor, but after all, Ji Ling is in the football league, facing the league, Ji Ling can still win beckham. The score recommended: 3-1 2-1 SMG Shengping Fu: 3相关的主题文章: