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When you are good, you will find how much of their previous public concern about the number of sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! This article from the WeChat public, "I am not your own the greatest hero in the world" at the Cheng Cheng said to me, really, now recall five years ago, shame, how will the time of their own bad ass into even feel disgust people. Cheng Cheng said that his own bastard, really is not a bit exaggerated, this point, I deeply agree. Now Cheng Cheng although there is no homecoming, no wealth, or with ordinary people, eat and sleep to work. But he is now the owner of a small company, although not in the middle class is earning large quantities of gold each day, but a conservative estimate. Five years ago, Cheng Cheng, just entered the university. Boy, full of sap. That is to speak up, lifted the knife can cut people who. White knife knife out into the red, then feel sloppily, very fun. At that time, Cheng Cheng had a girlfriend, and the two were together in high school. Quiet girl, smile eyes narrowed into a crescent, lovely and make people feel good to hear or see. When they first entered the school, they moved out together, rented a single room in the residential building outside the school, began to live together. Cheng Cheng’s family was not rich, but he never had any money. Often drink and make friends with congenial persons. The girl is not him, only occasionally a person sitting in the corner, watching the crowd laughing freely there, shouting no limit Huang Duanzi, face the lonely but not conceal the face of fear. She was afraid that Cheng Cheng would drink too much. When Cheng Cheng first entered the campus soon, with some social muddling to gambling. Although gambling is not too big, but one afternoon, on thousands of pieces of water that is homely food. Cheng Cheng told me that once in the afternoon, he won eight thousand dollars in less than two hours, but did not expect to lose in the next half an hour. Cheng Cheng had no money, can only ask the parents, but the parents are naturally suspicious too much. He will come up with two people living expenses, continue this bad bet day. Until the end, two people really have no money to eat, can only go to the market to buy the cheapest cabbage, even the oil are not put, hot water with a hot, on the white rice to eat. Girl while eating, while tears. Cheng Cheng impatient, constantly swearing. The most serious is that Cheng Cheng in the second year, his tuition lost all, finally cornered, the girl of the year tuition is out of gambling, the final two that year did not pay tuition. This girl, and Cheng Cheng had a big fight. Two people quarreling intense, Cheng Cheng backhand a slap on the face, the girl was inflamed. Although in the end of the hand, Cheng Cheng very regret. He looked at the girl, but he didn’t know how to apologize. The girl hands over his face, his eyes looked at him with tears. There was no hate in her eyes. But the same,)相关的主题文章: