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Why not issue large bills? India answer small American election brush screen, noisy, the ups and downs of the drama finally ended, Trump was elected president of the United States, the unidentified bright blind people eat melon, but at the same time our next door neighbor India today is not idle, minutes lost a big move! Modi, Prime Minister of India, delivered a speech on the evening of 8, suddenly announced that the rupee and 1000 rupees in the large denomination banknotes of the two, after midnight, will immediately cancel the"! The financial shock bomb, a surprise attack, scared all the people of India. The national currency actually said waste is waste, but also to the people of India suddenly chaos, India ATM has been tumbled. Qian Fang’s home is good, why suddenly obsolete? According to the Taiwan News reported that in November 9th, India’s prime minister modi 8 evening in a televised statement said, in order to break the chains of corruption and money laundering, 9 days 0 when to stop using 500 and 1000 rupee notes, all ATM machines will be suspended in 9, 10, at the same time, the issue of the new 500 rupees and 2000 rupees. The Prime Minister of India Modi in office had vowed to money laundering and tax evasion property forced back to normal channels. Because India is now only 3% of the people to pay personal income tax, other people are hidden inside a lot of no tax will have corruption, income also has other dirty money, until Mr modi appealed for honest reporting, but did not care for him, so the modi uncle angry! If you do not give up the money, the brother I put it into the waste paper, more vigorous, in order to prevent these people find loopholes, but also to a Modi suddenly announced that effective immediately, completely let the amount of money at home people into 360 small can only be taken by surprise, it is said! In addition, according to the regulations, these being abolished if you get money deposited in banks or recycling, it is necessary to explain the source of registration, and fill in the file immediately, no escape! Who fled how much money, how much tax, at a glance, the circulation of cars and private house bill in India, will be several mountains very alarming. India unexpectedly announced the abandonment of a large note of the news broke, not only raised the price of gold, but also caused a discussion of large bills. When thawing 360 small travel to Europe that Europeans do not love 500 euro notes, 500 euro is don’t cost out, unless directly buy more than 500 euros of luxury decoration, even 100 euros are not well spent. The secret was 100 yuan behind large denomination tuhao gold launched was asked into 360 small; "why not the central bank issued 500 yuan of" big money "? Today Xiaobian to explain to everyone. In fact, in terms of importance from high to low order, has the following 3 reasons: first, to curb money laundering, drug trafficking, smuggling and other illegal acts of cash transactions are not recorded, this means that you can escape the law enforcement supervision, so the world most of the illegal transactions in cash for settlement. Let us imagine that before the 1 million yuan transactions, at least one suitcase cash; and if there are 500 or even 1000 yuan denomination;相关的主题文章: