Wuhan public bicycle station will be ” universal charge ” electric car can also charge yo polartec

Wuhan public bicycle station will be " universal charge " electric car can also be charged in the realization of the phone and the electric car charging function, the scope of the expansion of public bicycles in Wuhan has expanded. Yesterday, with the opening of public bicycle Phoenix community site new energy vehicle charging service, the first batch of 109 stations will be achieved to the car charging function. "Universal charge" site by the end of 300 to yesterday morning, the reporter saw in the public bicycle Phoenix community site, a public bike station in the control cabinet is provided with a charging pile, there is the public to a white new energy vehicle charging. "I hope there will be more such a charging pile on the street, open electric cars do not have to worry about half of the electricity is not enough." Charge for the car, Mr. Liu said the public. Roadside charging network as an emergency power supply program, an hour 3 degrees -5 degrees, every kilowatt hour of electricity can run km -8 km, charging an hour can run 15 km -40 km, enough to achieve emergency power supply targets." Wuhan huantou public bicycle company responsible person said, is currently in Wuchang and Hankou 109 public bicycle station installed a new energy vehicle charging pile, plan at the end of this year increased to 300, the end of next year to reach 800 kilometers, forming a circle of charging service. Self charging charging 1.6 yuan per hour, the reporter learned that the current charging fee charged at $1.6 per hour. The owner can download "where the charge" APP on the mobile phone charging operation via the mobile phone, with WeChat and Alipay to pay fee charging. Due to the charging time is longer, the owner can consider charging the gun with a gun lock, to ensure that when the person is not charging, charging cable will not be mistaken. Reporters observed that the public bicycle station next to the point of charge, parking is a problem for a long time. If there is no designated parking spaces, will be classified as illegal parking? In this regard, the public bicycle sources, is currently working with relevant departments in consultation, hope to be able to like public toilets in the toilet side for taxi designated berths, to charge the automobile berth is designated, the owner of the charging termination menace from the rear. First on the fast charging station is located in Wuchang golden palace "we also plan in the construction of each city center centralized fast charging station, comprehensive service system to achieve slow charging and fast charging based supplement. The first centralized charging station located in Wuchang golden palace, will officially open on November 11th." The person in charge of the above ring investment company.相关的主题文章: