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Xi’an gas enterprise will exceed the standard maximum penalty of one million yuan newspaper news (reporter Qin Ji) November 19th, reporters from the Xi’an Municipal Environmental Protection Department learned that, in the city of Xi’an to start heavy pollution weather emergency response grade II, and further increased 20 tons of steam (excluding) the following industrial coal-fired boiler units to stop running, the coal-fired boiler units coal quality supervision and supervision system in the factory for 24 hours on duty on the city’s implementation of thermal power, central heating and other 30 key enterprises, to ensure that the pollutant discharge standards. 19, Xi’an municipal environmental supervision department to full out, the city’s major key enterprises to carry out spot checks. Focus on the use of coal enterprises to inspect the use of high-quality coal, in the factory supervision, the operation of sewage facilities, 20 tons of steam (excluding) the following industrial coal-fired boiler outage, etc.. Key enterprises in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory measures to strictly implement. Law enforcement officers collecting the coal samples and inspection, etc. test report will come out through the media exposure. It is understood that, in accordance with China’s "air pollution prevention law" and other relevant laws and regulations, for the use of coal enterprises will exceed the standard, the value of the amount of coal more than three times the fine. The flue gas exceed the standard of the enterprise, from one hundred thousand yuan to one million yuan fine, and ordered to make corrections or limited production, discontinued rectification, overdue correction will be consecutive daily fines. In addition, the Xi’an municipal environmental protection, public security traffic police department, the strict implementation of motor vehicle ban, limit line measures to further increase the excessive traffic on the road, black smoke vehicles exhaust sampling inspection. 13 motor vehicle exhaust pollution supervision and management of the district and County Traffic Police Brigade joint law enforcement in the city formed a black smoke vehicles and excessive emissions of vehicles to investigate the network, and continue to carry out law enforcement inspection. November 14th to 16, the city’s inspection of various types of motor vehicles 2544, which exceeded the car of the car, take the black smoke car 26 vehicles, the number of vehicles, the number of vehicles, the black smoke of the vehicle 422.相关的主题文章: