Xin Zhilei the new network from the Yangtze River map out of the upstart – in

Xin Zhilei: from the "Yangtze River map" out of the upstart – Beijing "Yangtze River map" release, like a breeze, blowing the whole Chinese stir the hearts of young artists. Throughout the day of the premiere, the film practitioners in the circle of friends with emotion: "Beijing youth, it’s all coming!". A movie with young artists to China Mensao Carnival art film and a booster. The heroine Zhilei Essien talent shows itself almost zero suspense by many young artists in "camp", Wen Qing by many film critics speak mind the naked confession, let Zhilei become Chinese symplectic actress "new art fan children spokesperson. Now the entertainment circle, flower popular small artistes like Xin Zhilei, the upstart, is recognized in the art market and the two fields? Look back seven years ago Zhilei Xin debut experience, an ad pulled her into the entertainment circle. At that time with her partner is Tony Leung, the director is Stanley Kwan, the photographer is the guidance of the president of the United States, is the director of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, is the director of photography, is the director of photography, is the director of the. The starting point to lay their literary upstart industry status. Although in recent years, Xin Zhilei filmed a lot of TV works, but it was not until the "Yangtze River map", from the name, conception, team are close to the "culture" label film turned out to Zhilei symplectic like a winding river to find the sea and "Yangtze River map". So, watch the age span of more than ten years of the "Anlu", in fact, many viewers did not see the years change from the role of modeling, but not a symplectic Zhilei by too much face, but there are too many emotional eyes convey the heroine of the growth of the vicissitudes of life. Although the movie plots eventually deleted a lot of symplectic Zhilei scenes, there are various passages of her own description of "suffer", also includes some scenes with Qin Hao, but the deletion fragment failed to suppress her acting light. The concept of the movie at the Berlin Film Festival, Hollywood actress Meryl Streep has publicly said that although the "Yangtze River map" has got outstanding artistic achievement award Silver Bear award, but she wanted to give the "Yangtze River map" a prize. In the field of professional accreditation should be enough to open a better Zhilei Xin in the film market situation. After all, this is a young actress, in the current Chinese film circle is a rare animal. But Xin Zhilei "ambition" should be more than that, this from her most recently appeared in "Yi Zhuan" is remarkable as. Xin Zhilei in which the role is to set beauty and scheming in a harem girl. Through such a high degree of concern about the TV drama works well, Zhilei Xin is likely to take to make up for the younger audience outside the movie market and female audience. Professional field could not accumulate steadily, promote its commercial value increase? The emergence of Xin Zhilei, in the "Yangtze River map" is a strong "literary symbol" in the entertainment industry, in fact, is a good case study.相关的主题文章: