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36 major projects in Xuchang — Henan branch began to focus on Network — people.com.cn original title: 36 major projects in Xuchang began to focus on October 8th, the National Day holiday after the first day of work, 36 major projects in Xuchang City, a total investment of 28 billion 140 million yuan construction. According to reports, the number of new construction projects, involving the city infrastructure construction, industrial transformation and upgrading, business services, social undertakings and other fields, among them, the city center and the construction of major infrastructure projects 15, including road upgrading and extending the open, bright water lifting, hospital relocation, commercial complex construction. A total investment of 16 billion 780 million yuan; 10 industrial parks billion yuan of 21 major projects, of which 20 industrial projects, total investment of 11 billion 360 million yuan, is expected after the completion of all new sales revenue 20 billion 400 million yuan, profits of 2 billion 300 million yuan. In addition, these projects have taken 9 PPP mode of operation, a total investment of 13 billion 420 million yuan, the project will be to encourage social capital to participate in infrastructure construction and public services projects play a good demonstration role. Xuchang municipal Party committee secretary Wu Guoding said that the construction of the project, Xuchang city will further boost the steady growth of investment, fostering new economic growth point, promote industrial restructuring and upgrading, to enhance the taste of the city, to protect and improve people’s livelihood and play an important role. The 7 (Huang Sha, commissioning editor Shang Mingzhen)

许昌36个重大项目集中开工–河南分网–人民网 原标题:许昌36个重大项目集中开工   10月8日,国庆假期后上班第一天,许昌市总投资达281.4亿元的36个重大项目集中开工。   据介绍,这批新开工的项目,涉及城市基础设施建设、工业转型升级、商业服务、社会事业等多个领域,其中,中心城区城建及重大基础设施项目15个,包括道路提升改造和延长打通、水系亮化提升、医院迁建、商业综合体建设等,总投资167.8亿元;10个产业集聚区亿元以上重大项目21个,其中工业项目达20个,总投资113.6亿元,预计全部建成投产后可新增销售收入204亿元,利税23亿元。   此外,这些项目中还有9个采取PPP模式运作,总投资134.2亿元,这些项目将对鼓励社会资本参与基础设施和公用事业项目建设起到较好的示范作用。   许昌市委书记武国定说,这些项目的开工建设,将进一步拉动许昌市投资稳步增长,对培育新的经济增长点、推动产业转型升级、提升城市品位、保障和改善民生发挥重要作用。③7 (责编:黄莎、尚明桢)相关的主题文章: