Yancheng, a wedding host undocumented drunk driving hit the guardrail died on the spot qqzb.cc

Yancheng wedding host undocumented drunk driving hit the fence on the spot death accident night night accident in August this year, Yancheng city a young wedding night driving, the accident occurred unilaterally and hit the fence, he died on the spot, in this big WeChat and response network. In September 18th, the modern express reporter learned that recently, the Yancheng Police Department officially released the results of the accident investigation, the wedding host for drunken driving, and driving license in March this year by the traffic police detained, belonging to drunk driving without a license. August 10th at 1 o’clock, located in Yancheng city of Wuzhou international plaza on the eastern side, a white car in Yingbin road traveling from south to north, suddenly hit the direction out of control traffic barrier on the road, the cab man died on the spot. According to eyewitnesses at the time, the young man, the car has thick smell, the scene is a mess. At that time what is going on? Recently, the Yancheng Police Department released a nearby surveillance video, modern express reporter saw a man driving fast, after Yingbin bridge, first hit the reflecting anti-collision barrel hit the end, he did not stop, still heading north, then hit the guardrail, the vehicle lighting in the end the facilities on the west side of the road and stopped. " driving man scene in the accident died on the spot. " traffic police said, after the scene from a king of blood from Yancheng Bureau of criminal division, the survey found that illegal behavior has constituted a view of the alcohol content of drunken driving. Not only that, the police also found in the follow-up survey, a king in March this year by the two brigade police on the road due to violations of law implementation of a king without a license plate is on the spot according to the provisions of the deduction of 12 points, the driver’s license is detained in two traffic police brigade. Police told Modern Express reporter, the deceased is only 26 years old this year, is a good wedding host. ": it’s a pity that he paid a heavy price for his driving without a license. " in this case, the police remind the driver, not because the road traffic police investigation in the middle of the night feeling not careless, fluky and drunk driving, responsible for their own, abide by the law is responsible for their own life.相关的主题文章: