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Yang Mi Liyan Tong Huang Zitao report   real man 2 blood hits people.com.cn Jiangsu windows — people.com.cn original title: Yang Mi Liyan Tong Huang Zitao report "real man" in season second blood struck people.com.cn October 10 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Wu Yaxiong) last night, "real man" personal Promo second season, Liyan Tong Huang Zitao, Yang Mi guest in Hunan TV super fuel line, said more and more looking forward to the upcoming broadcast of the "real man" program in the second quarter the audience hooked at the same time. Strength and beauty of the United States and the United States and the challenge of self defying tough from the first day of the actor, you know, he could be any role, praised or questioned, do not care. This time, perhaps beyond imagination, but I am not afraid, is not to say." Dressed in a black T-shirt camo pants Yang Mi attracted the eyes of perseverance, valiant and heroic in bearing, netizens shouted: "big power power is really handsome and beautiful, looking forward to her performance on the show." Yang Mi is confident on the screen shine, adhere to the truth, now face multiple challenges in the camp, has been Yang Mi decided to constantly challenge their own difficulties, and constantly go beyond the self, when it comes to their "real man" to join the second season of the mind, Yang Mi said: "this is a show of particular significance, when wearing uniform to complete the tasks, the sense of honor and sense of mission is bursting!" Huang Zitao handsome Wuli Tao Tao fried Junzi to enlarge the strokes "my world is black and white, no middle gray zone. I am not good at words, only with music, singing the most real. Ignore the controversy, do not care about gossip. This time, I look forward to the skies!" In the film, Huang Zitao holding a golden microphone, look relaxed, from the strength of love music singer Avatar aircraftsman the valiant and heroic in bearing Huang Zitao’s personal videos, online, immediately sparked heat sought after all, every frame of netizens praising videos are burning, especially the last standing Junzi station was handsome fried the!" Liyan Tong is dressed in military uniform dream meiyaya leap sky flight, it seems to me everyday. From a city to another city, has long been accustomed to. Days on the clouds, but never thought. In childhood, the dream of having uniform, once again, across the sky." Liyan Tong has a dream from a young soldier this time in the program also broke out a huge amount of energy, with the action to explain and prove that she can also be soft with just soldiers. "Real man" and participated in the first season Liu Haoran is also behind in micro-blog: "veteran Liu Haoran welcome aircraftsman warrior Yaya sister, did Liyan Tong Liu Haoran privately to learn? It is understood that China jointly produced by the people’s Liberation Army Air Force political center of art of TV and Hunan TV’s original large national defense education special program "real man" in season second? Air blood paper to be released, according to the introduction, "real man" during the second season, eight guests every day in a variety of training in the army. Will experience numerous test and assessment, we are able to endure hardship, and very hard, in the end everyone in the army will have to)相关的主题文章: