You can even start to do that for tea

You can even start to do the tea Yixing is a porous material, a double pore structure of micro pores, high density. Use teapot tea, without losing the flavor, and incense is not slack, the tea taste really delicious. This is why everyone a little love teapot. Teapot tea for a long time, more or less will leave the tea, often have friends ask me how to remove the pot of tea, a teapot well after the color is very beautiful, very good, but open the cover, such as improper maintenance, pot wall and a pot cover in place will remain under the black tea, suddenly heart uncomfortable, how to remove tea? In fact, it is also simple. Tea is not drinking or put long tea is exposed in the air, the formation of metal elements in tea polyphenols in tea and tea stain in the oxidation reaction occurs after the tea pot, attached to the wall. The teacup, teapot with a long time, there will be a lot of tea, with a sponge dipped in salt friction, can be easily removed. The teapot teacup, put a teaspoon of orange pink or orange juice, filled with water after the placement of 2-3 hours, so tea and tea lose adhesion, it is easy to remove. Wipe the teapot pot body with boiled potatoes; put the potatoes into the cup, then pour hot water, cover and stew for a while, 5 to 10 minutes, pour out the potatoes. This time with water clean again, you can easily remove dirt. This is because the potato skin contains a lot of starch, with red hot boiling water, starch to form a colloidal solution, the colloidal solution has good adsorption and decontamination ability, so in this way it is easy to remove the dirt in the Yixing cup. Suggestion: the teapot Yixing Cup and scrubbing process of tea do not use any chemical cleaning agents, including toothpaste.相关的主题文章: