Yoyo Mung only one word to marry Ekin Cheng two people do not intend to have children agogoktv

Yoyo Mung only one word to marry Ekin Cheng two people do not want to have a child because of a friend of a word of marriage, according to media reports, the artist received a cable program hosted by the host, Yoyo Mung. Yoyo Mung said with his mother when he was divorced, it was brought up by my grandmother, she was not believe in marriage, and said thanks friend when awake, decided to marry Ekin Cheng, she said: "a friend asked me how not to get married, if one of the parties have, we even close, law can not make any important decisions for each other, I listened to feel right." Talk about Yoyo Mung before the children because of body round and pregnancy rumors, she said two couples don’t intend to have children, they also yearn for freedom: "my mother is capricious, I saw her mother-in-law always have to worry that raising children is a lifetime responsibility. What if I had a baby like my mother? I like two people free." Birthday by bus to avoid the media however was "face two-ki" event, Yi Jian birthday every year have become the media focus, so Yi Jian has been used to stay at home to celebrate, to avoid the reporter interrupted. Mr Yoyo Mung said with a smile can not be reconciled, and talked about a meeting with Yi Jian bus: "I have decided to go down with Yi Jian by the back door, take the bus to go to a restaurant to celebrate, successfully avoiding the reporter, the original Yi Jian eighteen years did not ride the bus!"相关的主题文章: